Enhancing Employee Experience With Technology & Innovation

By Syukri Sudari, Chief People Officer, AXA Affin General Insurance Malaysia (EPA: CS)

Syukri Sudari, Chief People Officer, AXA Affin General Insurance Malaysia (EPA: CS)

The insurance industry is entering a new golden age, experiencing perhaps its most rapid pace of innovation ever with the rise of insuretech. The Human Resource (HR) function has not been spared from such disruptions—it is critical to accelerate and future proof the workforce to enable an organisation to thrive and continue to enrich the value we deliver to our customers.

AXA Affin General Insurance Malaysia has taken bold steps to leverage on technology and innovation to revolutionise its HR practices. Strategic approach has been introduced to enhance employee experience by continually developing their personal and professional growth. Some of our key HR initiatives are:

• Drive self-learning through technology

In our effort to deviate from traditional to self-learning environment, we have invested handsomely in Learning and Development programmes to encourage our People to empower their own learning development. We partner with online learning platforms to provide valuable online courses via our learning management platform, empowering employees to take charge of their own career. We have also introduced ‘Pocket Coach’ that functions as an engaging mobile learning companion with gamification elements. To date, our People have clocked in more than 6,000 online learning hours and 82% employees have downloaded the Pocket Coach to learn on the go.

We have also launched the AXAPRENEUR programme, a platform that provides opportunity to employees to realise innovative ideas and projects that they have in mind to drive simplification, digitalisation and customer focus. Over a duration of 16 weeks with close guidance and mentorship from the leadership team, our talents have successfully achieved a total innovation value of RM 8.3 million with their cutting-edge ideas.

• Leverage on technology and drive digitalisation across various HR functions

We have leveraged on Robotics Process Automationin recruitment, engagement, rewards and recognition as well as performance management. Over 100 robots have been deployed across the company— we are the pioneer in the industry to introduce ‘Alex’, a HR robot as part of our effort to reinvent the on-boarding process and reengineer labour intensive tasks. With this implementation, we have successfully reduced recruitment turnaround time by 67.6%, allowing our People to focus on more value-added activities to better serve our customers.

To proactively improve our employee engagement with predictive employees’ insights and curate a personal employee experience, we have “recruited” Amber, an AI chat box that functions as our CEO’s virtual assistant to seek employees’ feedback throughout their journey with AXA. Since its launch in February 2019, Amber has reached out to more than 600 employees, receiving positive feedback from 81% respondents.

• Contribute towards employees’ well-being with agile initiatives

To build a healthy and productive workforce, we have introduced AXA Well—a holistic and structured well-being programme focusing on 6 wellness pillars (physical, community, financial, social/family, mindfulness and interpersonal) that we believe will promote a harmonious working life.

With multigenerational workforce co-existing in our workplace, it is important for us to integrate HR policies that address the needs of our People. As part of our initiative to provide better work-life integration, we have introduced the Compressed Work Schedule Arrangement to give employees the flexibility to enjoy 2 extended weekends.

I share a deep conviction that positive employee experience is instrumental to our success as a Company. Our people are the most valuable investment as they drive our transformation journey. Building a culture of innovators is the answer to embrace disruptions and ensure that we stay ahead of the game.

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