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Sam Neo, Founder & Chief People Officer, People Mentality Inc.Sam Neo, Founder & Chief People Officer
Most organizations have traditionally considered HR a secondary business function and a cost center. Besides the misconception, HR remains underutilized, especially in the Asia region. Aware of these issues in the market, Sam Neo, a seasoned HR professional, is on a mission to unleash the massive potential of the HR function and demonstrate its full value in the Asia region and beyond. Neo heads People Mentality Inc. (PMI), the company he founded to fulfill his mission. “PMI is not just another company, but a movement,” says Neo, Founder and Chief People Officer of the company. Having community building as the theme, PMI is geared to instill a people-first mindset among organizations. “Our vision reflects our company name. And this is because people are the common denominator regardless of the type, size, or industry,” says Neo.

Having started as an HR consulting firm, the evolution of PMI into a premium employer branding and HR consulting company is indeed interesting. Traditionally, employer branding was considered the forte of digital marketing and corporate communication teams, not handled by HR. Coming from HR and marketing background, Neo found a sweet spot for himself in the employer branding domain. Elucidating his vision for employer branding, Neo says that for a brand to attract talent, its employees should resonate with it first. However, organizations often lack the ability to deliver compelling stories to both existing and prospective employees. By weaving authentic stories with employees at the core, PMI helps organizations shine in the market, attracting and retaining talent. Such impeccable strategy has garnered the company a clientele that has large brands.

People Mentality Inc. is not just another company, but a movement

Incorporating the current market trends in its services, PMI articulates ‘branding content’ which rules the roost. “The corporate-centric employer branding has been replaced with employee-centric narratives,” remarks Neo. To that end, PMI helps companies build apt content that attracts talent and guides them to reach the right audience in both online and offline modes. “Creating and converting mindshare to a real connection is vital,” states Neo.

Though the methodology implemented by PMI varies for each organization, the primary step is to communicate with employees and understand their perception before aligning them with their employer’s goals. The company then sets a benchmark for the scenario and works with the clients, from implementation to training and coaching, thereby comprehending the context. Lastly, customizable templates are prepared for brand ambassador programs and social engagement plans. Explaining the same, Neo highlights an instance where the newly appointed President Director of a family-owned travel business approached PMI to help them transform their HR team to be more efficient and step it up to lead business growth. The in-house activities started with employee interaction creating a sudden positive vibe and aligning them to company goals. With such a good start, PMI worked on the standardization of the different HR processes and brought in leadership coaching and training sessions. Considering the fact that it was a B2B and less recognized by the public, PMI crafted messages for social media and branding through the LinkedIn presence of Neo. These measures led to the successful growth of the company in a short time.

With a strong foothold in Singapore and Indonesia markets, PMI is all geared up to expand to other countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, and China. Having bagged several projects, the company also aims to hire recruits and provide services in various industries. PMI is also working closely with the second company, ‘Stories of Asia’, which is a media platform that focuses on building communities using storytelling. With a vigorous expansion in its pipeline, PMI is resolute to narrate many more brand stories.
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People Mentality Inc.

People Mentality Inc.


Sam Neo, Founder & Chief People Officer

People Mentality Inc (PMI) is an HR and Employer Branding consultancy firm founded with a mission to unleash the massive potential of the HR function and demonstrate its full value in the Asia region and beyond. True to its name, the company also aims to instill a people-centric mindset in leaders and organizations. PMI works with organizations to help them become an employer of choice through various platforms such as thought leadership, training and consulting, while driving business results. Also by weaving authentic stories with employees at the core, the company equips its clients to shine in the market, attracting and retaining talent