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Malcolm Peak, Founding Director, Peak Corporate SolutionsMalcolm Peak, Founding Director
Walt Disney’s former CEO, Michael Eisner, once said, “A brand is a living entity, and it is enriched or undermined cumulatively over time to become the product of a thousand small gestures.”

In all its simplicity, a brand personifies what a company represents. Keeping that in mind, enterprises are coming to realize that today, creating an appealing brand is not only important for attracting potential customers but also bringing out a strong approach to acquire and retain good talent in a company. However, sometimes, employer branding initiatives come out as hollow ‘sales and marketing’ attempts because they are either too focused on attractive artwork, obtaining a higher number of candidates or their brand message is not crafted efficiently. This creates genuine skepticism among candidates and employees about the brand’s integrity, which in turn, hampers a company’s overall employee acquisition and retention strategies. Addressing these challenges with their proven expertise is Peak Corporate Solutions, strengthening its client’s employer branding and helping them achieve the desired outcomes.

Peak Corporate Solutions (PCS) was established in 2013 under the leadership of Malcolm Peak, a veteran and pragmatic leader with more than 10 years experience in the realm of employer branding. His expertise has helped several organizations in developing attractive employee value propositions and recruitment strategies. According to him, many leaders today build their company’s employer brand based on internal feedback they receive from their employees. “And, that is one of the biggest setbacks as it is only one dimension,” says Malcolm, Founding Director of Peak Corporate Solutions. “Employee feedback alone is not enough to plant a strong brand message in the minds of the target audience.” The cut-throat competition in today’s marketplace entails enterprises to look beyond their four walls and explore greater perception about them. “Do leaders know what the external market thinks of their brand as an employer? Or is their desired brand message getting across the market loud and clear?” Malcolm continues.

In an attempt to answer these questions, PCS conducts thorough research and tries to understand the gaps from three perspectives: the market perception about a client, their management teams’ aspirations, and their employee experience.

Technology itself is no differentiator, but mixed with the right messaging; enhances the user experience (UX) and provide unique insights

PCS calls this ‘the balanced triangle.’ The study and analysis of these facets form the basis of PCS’s focus and gives them an overall idea of the existing imbalances and business problems in an enterprise’s employer branding strategy. “Companies that formulate their market initiatives and employer branding projects without focusing on these gaps end up with partial or no positive outcomes,” explains Malcolm. PCS identifies these blockages in their analysis and then follows an advisory approach to suggest steps, through which a client can refine its employee branding strategies.

Many companies also focus strongly on the use of technology in their brand either through apps or other platforms. However, Malcolm believes, “Technology itself is no differentiator, but mixed with the right messaging; enhances the user experience (UX) and provides unique insights for candidates and employees.” For instance, PCS uses several data visualization platforms and tools to represent their analysis in an easily digestible graphical format—making life easier for the client.

Working across various sectors, PCS is also widely recognized for their leader development and coaching programs, where they offer leadership courses, strategic HR advisory services, and career coaching. These programs help executive and leadership teams focus on a common goal, bringing in more clarity of role and directing the team toward a coherent brand image. “We strive to educate our clients on how to provide authentic experience and a true brand value proposition to their candidates and employees, ensuring that the brand expectations meet the brand experience,” says Malcolm.

Displaying such agility, PCS has emerged as a trusted partner for companies in their employer branding endeavour. “We have been continually helping organizations understand that employer branding is a core project that requires strategic planning and investment,” mentions Malcolm. The organization has been partnering with several recognized companies in the APAC region and is currently working with federal government agencies as well. Peak Corporate Solutions aims to expand its business to many other fast-growing countries throughout APAC and move ahead toward a brighter future.

Contact: Malcolm Peak
P: +61 418 416 769
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Peak Corporate Solutions

Peak Corporate Solutions

Sydney, Australia

Malcolm Peak, Founding Director

As a leading advisory firm, Peak Corporate Solutions helps organizations build their and enhance their employer’s brand. They help their clients achieve the commercial outcomes they seek through offering compelling and engaging employee experiences. The company was established in 2013, under the leadership of Malcolm Peak, a veteran and pragmatic leader in the realm of employer branding for over 10 years now. His expertise has helped several organizations in employee value proposition development, career development, and organization transition. Peak also renders leader development and coaching programs where they offer leadership alignment, strategic HR advising, and career coaching