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Top 10 Employer Branding Consulting/Services Companies in APAC - 2020

In today’s competitive job market where ‘talentism is the new capitalism,’ any employer has to not only recruit but also retain the best talents. However, the challenge to harness talent becomes a moving target at a time when there is a growing demand for virtual employment. Today, there is a greater demand for talent mobilization. But the loyalty of employees and workers hinges on the experience at the workplace as well as the range of benefits they get from the employer. To that end, organizations having a well-defined people’s strategy as part of their employer branding are likely to gain maximum value from their talent capital.

Enterprises are increasingly seeking to revamp their brand image and are spending more time and resources on talent acquisition. With their rich expertise and deep understanding of the market trends, many HR services companies are helping enterprises with tailor-made solutions. They play an instrumental role in establishing an enterprise’s image, ensuring to align the client’s employee value proposition (EVP) with their core value, mission, and vision. Leveraging social media and video interviews, the consulting firms are helping enterprises to recruit talent faster.

EVP development and Employer brand activation are crucial for success in the employer branding industry today. With an unmatched understanding of the different markets and employee preference analysis know-how, these service providers are helping their clients stay ahead of the competition.

This edition of HR Tech Outlook brings you companies that are providing cutting-edge employer branding consulting/services in the APAC region. With several client success stories, these innovative consulting/services firms are continually proving their abilities in employee branding. We hope this issue helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to drive success.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Employer Branding Consulting/Services Companies in APAC - 2020.”

    Top Employer Branding Consulting/Services Companies in APAC

  • AcComm & Image International was established in 2005 by senior consultants and people development teams that have real-world savvy, expert knowledge, global experiences, and skills that get results. The company provides learning solution to organizations in Thailand and other countries in Asia. The company partner with learning and development program providers around the world that are creating the most innovative and effective programs utilizing the latest and the most practical performance models. They deliver training and development programs that have been proven to improve results. The entity serves the development needs of all types of industries and also has repeat customers. The company’s vision is to provide its customers with the best and most practical and simplified learning and development experience that can be applied in the real changing world

  • Gallup is a global analytics and advice firm that excels in the field of behavioral economics. It has been studying human behavior and its impact on performance outcomes for over eight decades. Now, through its talent-based selection solution, Gallup provides enterprises with predictive analytics on selecting the right candidates for different roles. It also provides the managers with an AI-backed technology that works like a digital toolbox and serves as an ideal resource for people managers. Besides, as one of the top employer branding consulting/services companies, Gallup has built a robust curriculum to train managers in becoming coaches from bosses

  • At Lim-Loges & Masters, are a group of experts who come together to help drive transformation from the needs of today to the reality of a fast-changing tomorrow through being nimble and creative. The company aim to identify, train and position key leaders and specialists to shape the company and drive transformational change across the organization. The company is founded in 2016 and specializes in Human Resources, Crisis Management, Executive Search, Coaching, Competency Design, Workplace Culture Consulting, Exit Management, Employer Branding, Building Talent Pipelines, Recruitment, Interim Management, Disruption Management, Transition Management, Long-term Partnership, Transformation, Talent Management, and Corporate Sustainability

  • As a leading advisory firm, Peak Corporate Solutions helps organizations build their and enhance their employer’s brand. They help their clients achieve the commercial outcomes they seek through offering compelling and engaging employee experiences. The company was established in 2013, under the leadership of Malcolm Peak, a veteran and pragmatic leader in the realm of employer branding for over 10 years now. His expertise has helped several organizations in employee value proposition development, career development, and organization transition. Peak also renders leader development and coaching programs where they offer leadership alignment, strategic HR advising, and career coaching

  • People Mentality Inc (PMI) is an HR and Employer Branding consultancy firm founded with a mission to unleash the massive potential of the HR function and demonstrate its full value in the Asia region and beyond. True to its name, the company also aims to instill a people-centric mindset in leaders and organizations. PMI works with organizations to help them become an employer of choice through various platforms such as thought leadership, training and consulting, while driving business results. Also by weaving authentic stories with employees at the core, the company equips its clients to shine in the market, attracting and retaining talent

  • Digital Affair

    Digital Affair

    Digital Affair is the only Employer Branding specialists to be officially partnered with LinkedIn, Facebook and HubSpot. They are uniquely positioned at the crossroads of Human Resources, Big Data, Digital and Technology. Employer branding is our whole world. The company was founded in the year 2014 and is based in Melbourne, Victoria. The company with a team of experts specializes in offering Employer Branding, Best Practice Recruitment Training, Management Consulting, Mapping and Insights, Digital Innovation, Social Media, and Recruitment Marketing. The company is uniquely qualified to partner with the clients and are committed to helping elevate and manage the reputations of organisations all around the world

  • Maximum


    Founded in 1999, the company focuses on delivering sources for their organizations to truly thrive the human capital, which must be managed as effectively as the financial capital. The company provides brand consulting and communication design services that ensure the talent plans deliver on the organization’s business goals. They do that by creating brand-led, data-driven, people-centric solutions that make the brand more meaningful to candidates and employees. They help to identify the things that make their client’s brand a great place to work and come up with cool ways to bring that story to life. The company also helps to deliver inclusive, meaningful experiences that enable the employees to form a richer connection with the brand

  • The 360 Talent Co

    The 360 Talent Co

    The 360° talent consultancy is a company that focuses on advanced talent solutions. The company focuses on offering Attracting, recruiting, retaining, and developing high performing teams not only for roles of today but for the Future of Work. The company works in Plug and Play, Blended Learning Programs. The company offers 12-month programs where the people can flexibly choose training modules that align with their business needs, workshops, training sessions, and 1-on-1 coaching. The company specializes in various fields, especially in Employer Branding, Talent Mapping, Hackathons, Talent Development, Global Team Building, and also Leadership Development

  • The Brand Scale

    The Brand Scale

    The company’s online tool helps the company to manage their talent attraction and retention effectively. Leverage data science and the unique algorithm to analyze external brand engagement and internal Human Resources metrics. Diagnose and monitor their brand’s performance, access educational resources and also evidence the impact. Developed for organizations aiming to optimize their talent attraction and retention strategy continuously, The Brand Scale will offer a unique view into the trends affecting Employer Branding outcomes. The company was founded in the year 2016 and is based in Melbourne, Victoria

  • Universum


    Universum is known as one of the global employer branding leaders. Conducting the world's most extensive research study on talent career expectations, they strive to keep up their position. The company's mission is to create the best possible match between employers and talent by providing knowledge, guidance and actionable insights. They make it possible to create a better talent market, contribute to the success of talent and employers and ultimately to a better world. The company specializes in providing Employer Branding, Research, Communication Solutions, Online media, and Consulting and was founded in the year 1988